There is always going to be one person amongst your group of friends that considers themselves to be the Dr. Ruth of your group. Whether they tell you to dump your boyfriend because he checked out another woman in front of you or advice on how to choose the perfect outfit, they will never stop with the advice. Even if you tell them to stop they'll just keep on chugging along because they think it's in your best interests to listen to what they have to offer.

The only way they will stop spouting off what they think you should do if you are considering asking a friend out on a date is to tune them out. If you don't listen to what they have to say it will make them less likely to keep telling you what they think you should do.

However, you might actually think their advice is worth listening to, which is one of the reasons why they have become your own personal Dr. Ruth. When your friend gives you advice about dating, sex or relationships you're the only one who has to take it. Whether the advice pans out or not is not their fault. They are only telling you what they think. In the end what you do is up to you.

Dr. Ruth is known for being frank about any topics she's asked to spew her opinion on. Whether somebody asks her for advice on how to get a second date, what to do with a cheating girlfriend or how to handle yourself if you've cheated on your wife, people go to her because she's become an expert on those topics and many more after years of dishing out advice.

A person doesn't become an expert, no matter the topic, overnight. They have to have years of experience and even then they might not be considered an expert. So you might want to refrain from taking dating, sex and relationship advice from your friend if they've never been in a long-term relationship before.

Make sure you take whatever advice the Dr. Ruth of your group gives you carefully. Weigh all the pros and cons of what they say you should or shouldn't do and proceed with caution with their advice. It might end up working out for you and one day in the future you can thank your friend for the fifty plus years of marriage that came about from their advice. Or it could all end badly and you find yourself listing the home you and your partner shared up for sale. Just make sure that if you do take their advice though and it all blows up in your face you only have yourself to blame. is a proud sponsor of Need to find game rentals in Toronto? This is the company to call!

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