Not so very long ago, the only opportunity you would have to live with someone other than your family would be to marry them. Today, plenty of people in all sorts of different relationships are engaging in cohabitation without making any sort of permanent commitment to each other. So who is living in those homes across the street from you? What are those people to each other? They could be almost anything. Here are just a few of the types of relationships that can result in cohabitation.


When you think there's a good chance you want to spend the rest of your life - or even just the next few years - with your significant other, it just makes sense to stop paying the rent on two apartments and move in together. Cohabitating can come before or after marriage, or can even be an end game unto itself. Couples who cohabitate are able to learn more about each others habits and behaviors, combine their lives and incomes, and add to their families by incorporating pets and children. Most people see this kind of cohabitation as being permanent.


In many countries, it is normal for several generations of family members to live in the same house together. Here in a big North American city, though most people want their own space, they find it comforting or financially expedient to live with one or more family members in their property. You might cohabitate with a sibling, a parent, a grandparent, or even a cousin, but generally in small groups owing to the size of the properties. Most family members will stay on until they fall in love and get a place with their partner.


Not every relationship between two people who are not related must be about love or mating. Sometimes two people just enjoy each other's company without bringing sex into the mix. In some cases, especially where real estate is so expensive, two or more friends may decide to live together to better enjoy each other's company or to save money. These sorts of cohabitations usually break up when the parties fall in love and get their own places with their significant others.


And finally, some people who end up cohabitating with each other have no relationship at all. They're complete strangers until they find themselves living together under the same roof. Some people look for roommates because they are lonely, but the vast majority cohabitate with strangers out of financial necessity. These relationships are sometimes plagued by passive aggressive conflict and usually last only until one or another of the roommates can get into a better situation, such as the ones above. Our sponsor for this page is Builders Choice. For affordable HVAC rates in the London area , visit their website. Thank you!

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