Going on vacation can be very hard on a relationship, especially when you disagree over the things you want to do or when your current plan falls though, sending you into a blame spiral. If you want a vacation that's going to rejuvenate rather than damage your relationship, why not consider going on a cruise? You might think that cruises are just for old people, but you'd be wrong. Cruises are for just about everyone. The trick is to choose the right kind of cruise. (Special thank you to our sponsoring partner, Kingstec Technologies. We appreciate their support!)

Couples Cruise

A couples cruise can be just the ticket for couples who feel stifled, living in their tiny home and doing through the same routine day after day. On a couples cruise, activities on the boat (and in the ports) are focused on romance. Black tie dinners and dances, lazy days on the beach, romantic picnics under the stars. You'll also get the opportunity to meet and make friends with other couples from around the world who may share your outlook.

Family Cruise

Living with kids can be exasperating, and sometimes you will be tempted to pawn the kids off on a relative and go on vacation alone. But a good vacation can bring your family closer together. The best way to get it is on a family cruise, where parents can relax because they don't have to plan the outings and where kids get to have fun in the swimming pools and playgrounds, watching shows and touring port attractions. There's even babysitting available so you can have some adult time.

Singles Cruise

Working everyday probably doesn't give you much opportunity to get out and meet new people, so you might be hesitant to go on vacation alone. But a singles cruise can be just the ticket. Not only does it give you the opportunity to meet new people away from the couple-oriented environment of a normal cruise but it's also very safe and travel is done in groups so you don't have to worry about being preyed on as a singleton traveler.

Retired Cruise

When you're no longer working, you'll be looking for ways to keep yourself entertained - taking art lessons down at the senior center, planting roses in the garden, inviting relatives to visit. But next time instead of vacationing at your children's houses, why not take a cruise? Senior oriented activity levels ensure you don't get worn out but also have fun playing shuffleboard and seeing the sights in the port.

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