We all know the saying that you can't buy happiness. And while this might be technically true, it certainly doesn't hurt. Money is one of the top things that ends relationships. Some couples fight over their accounts while others think that one person is spending more than their fair share of the joint bank accounts. This is something that you should be thinking about if you want to keep your relationship strong. And that goes for people who are making millions and those that are scraping by to pay the bills every month.

The first issue that could come up when dealing with money has to do with disclosing your financial history and past debts or current holdings. If you're in the early part of your relationship than you might not feel the need to disclose that you own property and a house in Paris. But this is something that you don't want to keep from someone you're about to marry. Being honest about your finances is something that will help to build trust in a relationship. Keeping secrets can do the exact opposite.

If you're getting into a long-term relationship with someone that down the road you might want to buy something together that would include using your credit ratings. If there are any reason why your financial history might keep you from borrowing money or might affect your tax returns than your partner should know about these things before they find out from another source. This is another thing that will help to build trust and will keep them from being suspicious and doing something like GPS tracking on you to find out more about who you really are.

It's rare in a relationship that you will both make the same amount of money and be able to split all of the bills evenly. This is something that couples need to work on to balance and come to an agreement on. Make sure you take time to talk about how you're going to manage your finances day to day. You don't want an argument to break out over buying something small just because there is no open communication about the subject. This could go for everything from paying the bills on time to how much you're spending on each other's gifts. You should have a clear financial plan before you buy new bathroom art or plan to live together for the first time.

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