Sometimes, after a bad breakup, hitting the road for a road trip with friends is just what you need to take your mind off of all the vacations you took and all the hurt that was left behind. However, road trips can also serve a purpose in a relationship. By taking even a weekend road trip with your significant other, you can learn a lot more about them than you would on a million arranged dates. This could make or break your relationship. For more tips on road tripping with your significant other, read on.

To Plan or Not to Plan

Whether or not you should plan out your road trip depends on how impulsive you and your significant other are. Some people like to leave their homes with only a destination in mind while others like to have all their rest stops pre-booked to avoid disappointments. If one of you is impulsive and the other likes to plan, why not plan the core of the trip (route and overnights) but leave the day's activities blank so that you can visit whatever catches your eye as you drive along?


There are several options where road trip overnights are concerned. You can plan ahead to stop at certain hotels or resorts on your way, or you can play it by ear and simply pull into a motel when you feel like you want to stop driving for the night. Be aware that if you go the unplanned route during peak tourist season you may run into situations where hotels are all booked up. Your accommodation options run the gamut from quaint inns to cookie cutter motels to camping. You can even road trip in an RV and stay right in your vehicle. The page you are currently reading is compliments of from Hamilton Ontario.

Division of Responsibilities

To avoid killing each other during extended periods cooped up in the car, create fair rules, such as each person has veto power over the music or drivers only drive for two hour shifts. You can also divide your responsibilities according to preference, such as if one of you likes to drive and the other likes to navigate. To keep from getting shack wacky, play games like I Spy, the alphabet game, name that song, or spot the wacky sign art while you're driving along.


Your road trip is going to be something you'll want to remember forever - and perhaps even tell the kids or grandkids about. So take along a still or video camera and a pair of trip journals where you can write your thoughts as you sit out on the decks of motel rooms at night. You'll also want to save mementos such as brochures for the crazy attractions you visited or strange rocks you found on far away beaches and create a scrap book or memory box of your trip.

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